Know SwimRun Series Canarias

The SwimRun Series Canarias is an unique experience in the archipelago that alternates swimming in open ocean and running. A challenge for teams of two, now also individual, that premiered in 2017 mixing stretches of swimming with races through beaches, rocky areas, trails, wharfs and natural places of different islands.


Fuerteventura (Pájara) and Gran Canaria (Maspalomas) have seen this discipline born and the #swimmrunners that compete at feminine, masculine and mixed categories, are connected (only on the swimming stretchs) for a rope. As a team you race within 10 metres of each other, with provisioning points and always with the same clothing. At the #SwimRunSeriesCanarias there is no changing of clothes during transitions between running and swimming disciplines. Team members swim in their shoes and run in their wetsuits. Participants are expected to carry everything they need for the race along with them, from the start line to the finish line.

The Swimrunners philosophy

A target where the desire of improvement, teamwork and team spirit are essentials for a test with more than elevven years of history in northern Europe. Progressively, has made an space for itself in Spain and in 2020 we will celebrate the fourth edition in the Canary Islands to which Tenerife joins (Guía de Isora). Thhe Canary Islands are a paradise that for its orography and weather is the world’s cradle of outdoor sports.

The Canary Islands

Enjoy the Canary Islands and their coastal hideaways trough the #SwimRunSeries. A professional and experienced organization will make of this your unforgettable event!




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